Secure Containers & Bins - Secure Handling of Documents

Secure Containers
& Consoles

Secure handling of documents
for our clients

At Thames Security Shredding we understand how important a service that guarantees secure handling of documents is for our clients. That's why we pride ourselves on offering a service that is second to none in terms of security.

All confidential data must be securely locked at all times, this will prevent any risk to your confidential data. Please see below for further cabinets solutions

Different types of waste solution

Lockable cabinets

internal lock plate and double turn lock

Confidential waste solutions for the office or public spaces. Available in plastic or metal product variations. Durable modular base slides easily and supports the door in all directions. Nylon bag hooks make bag fit tight, no paper misses.

Lockable Consoles

We offer various size lockable Consoles including 120litre,240litre.660litre and 1100litre. The bins we provide are clean and come in many colours to suit your company.

Confidential Waste Sack

Hessian sacks with secure cable ties

50cm x 90cm
62cm x 100cm

Strict security

Part of ensuring our clients sensitive documents and data are kept safe are to provide secure lockable equipment. Please do not hesitate in contacting a member of the team to get further information.