Secure Shredding & Confidential Waste Disposal

Secure Shredding

Whether you are self employed or run a large corporation you are legally required to dispose of confidential waste correctly. If you want to ensure all confidential documents and data are securely disposed of we can provide a compliant and cost effective service.



Secure Paper & Document Shredding

Protecting Confidential Data

Thames security shredding can provide all your shredding needs and ensure all documents/Data are securely destroyed. Our team understands the importance of keeping confidential information secure which is why we advise a duty of care visit. This allows clients to view the secure and compliant process from our viewing area.

If you choose to have us deal with your shredding needs, we can ensure that your unwanted documents and data will be securely destroyed.Our team understands the importance of keeping confidential information secure, which is why we make it a priority to ensure that each client's unwanted documents and data are securely shredded and destroyed, so that confidential information remains confidential.

An effective solution for your
shredding needs

By opting to deal with Thames Security Shredding you are ensuring that your documents are securely destroyed efficiently. We are happy to work in a flexible manner which will cover every one of your needs. Our trusted team will work with you to help determine an effective solution for your shredding needs.

Secure On-Site Shredding

In house shredding

Shredding documents in house could appear to be the best solution. However payroll, labour relations: legal and competition sensitive information is best protected from lower level employees. It has been established that employees are most likely to realise the value of certain information to competitors, is shredding in house actually more secure?

When taking into consideration personal / office / capital and maintenance cost of using time consuming office shredding machines and in addition you will need to dispose of the shredded paper in line with environmental regulations for recycling, which can be expensive and not cost effective.
We operate a 24 hour secure transport and shredding service designed to fully meet your requirements and will ensure your confidential documents are completely destroyed.

For Secure Shredding and Destruction

Select Thames Security Shredding

We have a clear understanding that 20 millimetres shred is not suitable to shred certain documents, a separate machine that will shred 5 millimeters is also available for higher classified material which operates in conjunction with our 20 millimetres shredding machine, paper from both machines will fall into one baling machine and is baled together into 800kilo bales.

Secure handling of documents
for our clients

At Thames Security Shredding, we understand how important a service that guarantees secure handling of documents is for our clients. That's why we pride ourselves on offering a service that is second to none in terms of security.

One of the major benefits of using the services that we offer is the fact that we guarantee the security of confidential documents and data, giving you the peace of mind that you need.
Part of ensuring that our clients' sensitive documents and data are kept safe is the range of strict procedures that we have in place.