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Thames Security Shredding offers secure destruction services in Ashford and nearby areas for both individuals and offices. Our team of security-vetted professionals provides comprehensive services to help you dispose of confidential materials like hard drives and media, giving you complete peace of mind.

Our flexible service has been designed to handle both small and large amounts of confidential waste, so no matter the volume of confidential documentation you have, it will be securely shredded by our team.

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Thames Security Shredding
an effective and affordable secure shredding service for all!

Thames Security Shredding is a reliable company that guarantees the safety of your sensitive information. We offer both on-site and off-site shredding services at affordable prices. Our security measures are comprehensive and include using crosscut paper mills for paper documents and degaussing equipment for data storage devices.

We are trusted experts in shredding services and recognise the importance of safely disposing of sensitive data for businesses and individuals. Our team of skilled professionals can come to you for onsite shredding at your home or business for added security. Our procedures are environmentally-friendly, and we comply with landfill regulations while disposing of the shredded materials.

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Why is it important to use confidential waste services?

For better protection against identity fraud and to maintain confidentiality, it's recommended to regularly shred documents containing personal details. Shredding makes it challenging for unauthorised individuals to piece together the document and commit fraud, keeping information safe and secure. Regular shredding is also important for businesses to comply with GDPR regulations and the data protection act.

Secure off-site shredding of confidential documents for businesses In Ashford

If you have a business in Ashford, it's important to keep confidential documents safe. To comply with legal standards and protect company and client information, it's recommended that you use a trustworthy off-site document shredding service.

Your business can ensure proper handling of secure paper records and compliance with regulations by using our professional shredding services, giving you peace of mind. Once the shredding is complete, we'll supply you with a certificate of destruction as a record of the disposal.

We provide the following for your business needs at affordable prices:

One-off shredding Ashford

We offer a quick and safe solution for getting rid of confidential papers through our single-use shredding services. Our team is reliable and can tailor their approach to fit your individual shredding requirements. We provide thorough document destruction services that ensure the protection and privacy of all delicate information. You can trust us to handle every step of the process with the highest security level of caution and privacy.

Scheduled shredding Ashford

Our collection service is perfect for businesses that want to protect their own and their clients' information and care about environmentally responsible recycling. We provide scheduled shredding that securely destroys paper waste and meets environmental sustainability standards. With our service, you can have peace of mind that your company's security is a top priority and you're also making a positive impact on the planet.

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Domestic shredding for individuals in Ashford

Domestic shredding is a service designed to help individuals in Kent securely and safely dispose of their personal sensitive documents and materials. These can include things like old bills, credit card statements, bank statements and personal correspondence to prevent identity theft. Our domestic paper shredding service helps individuals dispose of sensitive information from their home in a secure manner. We ensure the complete destruction of confidential documents and bank statements to prevent unauthorised access and protect you from threats like identity theft. We offer competitive prices and can handle any amount of confidential information.

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Free shredding services for
Ashford charitable organisations

We are offering free shredding services to charitable organisations in our community to safeguard them against data breaches and to show our gratitude and admiration for their contributions towards helping others.

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Looking for secure and affordable document destruction services? Look no further! Our company is currently offering a 25% discount on first-time shredding.

Our shredding facilities are fully compliant with legal requirements and we offer both on-site and off-site shredding options. Whether you need a one-time service or regular shredding, our services provide unbeatable security at a great price!

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