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What is a Cross Cut Shredder?

A cross cut shredder is a machine that shreds paper into smaller pieces. It is also referred to as ‘confetti-cut’ or ‘particle cut’. It is ideal for shredding papers that contain delicate or sensitive information.

The machine comes in different sizes, and the smaller the size, the more secure it is. A typical cross cut shredder has a security level of P3 or P4. The downside with tiny shredders is that you may be unable to shred as many papers at a time that you would want. But, the machine has high security.

The shredder cuts paper diagonally in two directions using a pair of cutting blades with v-shaped edges. After the paper has been shredded, you would be left with tiny diamond-shaped pieces of paper or particles that are barely readable. The level of security of the shredder determines how small the pieces would be.

Benefits of cross cut shredders

  • They are faster than micro-cut cutters.
  • They come in a wide variety.
  • Once shredded, the documents cannot be easily reconstructed.
  • The particles left after shredding are more condense than strips.
  • They can be used to shred papers containing sensitive information into tiny particles.

Downsides to cross cut shredders

  • They are not advisable for papers containing highly sensitive information.
  • They are not as fast as strip-cut shredders.
  • They require oiling and maintenance regularly.

How to maintain a cross cut shredder?

You ought to oil your cross cut shredder regularly to ensure that it works smoothly. You could use lubricant sheets or some shredder oil to keep the shutter blades lubricated. You may also need to consult the user manual to learn how to maintain the machine properly.

Difference between
cross-cut shredders & strip-cut shredders

A strip-cut shredder cuts paper into long, thin strips that are still readable. It is an advanced type of cross-cut shredder. It has a simple, shredding mechanism that makes it quite fast to use. Therefore, it is faster than a cross-cut, which has a more complicated shredding process. If you want to shred papers containing highly sensitive information, then it is better to utilise a cross-cut shredder.

Difference between
cross-cut shredders & micro-cut shredders

Cross cut shredders provide a medium security level, and can be used to destroy paper containing sensitive information. Although the shredded document cannot be easily reconstructed, it may still be readable. Therefore, a micro-cut shredder would be better for destroying documents with extremely delicate information. It offers more protection because it cuts paper into tinier particles than the cross-cut shredder. It is important to note that a micro-cut shredder also cuts paper the same way a cross-cut shredder does.

In conclusion

If you don’t know which paper shredder to buy, we would recommend the cross-cut shredder, particularly if it is to be used at home. However, if you want to use it in an office that handles a lot of confidential information, you ought to ensure that you buy a P4 security level cross-cut shredder. You could purchase a micro-cut shredder as an alternative.


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